5 Simple Ways To Count Syllables

5 Simple Ways To Count Syllables
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English is a funny language. The way a word is spelled and the way it is pronounced may not always be the same. When it comes to poetry, there a variety of elements that make a poem. One of them is syllables. 


There are several forms of the poem that have a rigid structure with limiting features. One such form of poetry is haiku. A haiku is a Japanese poem written in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. This makes it important to know syllable counting. Counting syllables is an important phonemic awareness activity. Knowing how syllables are divided can help you read words more accurately and fluently.


Before getting into syllable counting, let’s take a dive at understanding what syllables are.


What are syllables?
A syllable is a part of a word that contains a single vowel sound. It is the smallest unit of pronunciation. A word may have one or more syllables. When a word has more than one syllable, one syllable is pronounced more strongly than the other. The strongly pronounced syllable is called the stressed syllable or accented syllable and the other is called unstressed or unaccented syllable.


For example,
Cat has a single vowel sound and therefore one syllable
Mighty is made up of two vowel sounds and thus has two
Fantastic has three vowel sounds and therefore three syllables


It should be noted that the number of vowels do not determine the number of syllables. For example, the word “night” has two vowels but only one vowel sound. It is also important to mark that the letter “y” despite being a consonant can produce a vowel sound. Thus, such vowel sounds must also be considered.


Counting Syllables


Many people have mastered the art of counting syllables and can count them by simply listening to the word. But for the ones who are beginners, syllable counting can be a daunting task. To ease it and make syllable counting fun, I’ve enlisted below 5 simple methods to count syllables.


The Clap Method
It is one of the most common methods. It simply requires you to clap each time you hear a vowel as you say the word. The number of claps equals the number of syllables.


The Chin Method
Place your hand under the chin and pronounce the word. Pay attention to the number of times your chin touches your hand for that is the number of syllables present in the word.


The Listen Method
This is the easiest of all. However, it requires sufficient practice. Say the word. Notice how many times you hear a vowel as a separate sound. That is equal to the number of syllables.


The Talk-Like-a-Robot Method
Let’s get into some roleplay. Pretend that you are a robot. Say the word in a robotic tone taking a pause between each part. It is indeed a fun way of syllable counting.


Learning to count syllables require patience and practice. It takes time and repetition to sink in. With time you will find your accuracy gradually improving and you will successfully acquire the skill.
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