Reviewing Chanakya In Daily Life

Reviewing Chanakya In Daily Life
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Chanakya in daily life is a self-help book by Radhakrishnan Pillai published in 2016. The book is dedicated to the ones who find it difficult to strike a balance in their life and aims to help them through the teachings of the great Acharya Chanakya.


Radhakrishnan Pillai is one of the best selling authors in the segment of self-help books in India. He holds a Master’s degree in Sanskrit and has extensively researched Kautilya’s Arthashastra.
His books are focused on Chanakya’s preachings and act as a guide for people from all walks of life.
Other than Chanakya in daily life, Corporate Chanakya, Chanakya in you, Chanakya’s 7 secrets of leadership, Inside Chanakya’s mind, and Chanakya Neeti are some of his well-known works.


The book, Chanakya in daily life is broadly and rightly divided into three sections; each of this section addresses a different area of an individual’s life. They are:
Personal life:
It is the first part of the book that deals with the personal life of an individual. It encompasses various elements of daily life such as waking up at the same time and beginning the day with gratitude, the importance of daily rituals and exercising for the mind and body, appreciating music, imbibing self-discipline, meditation, food and health, inculcating the habit of reading, having a hobby, and wealth management.
Professional life:
In this part of the book, the author talks about the professional aspects of an individual’s life. It explores topics like preparing the day, interpersonal relationships, documenting your work, networking, leadership, recognition, and appreciation of employees, boosting productivity, planning your retirement, etc.
Family life:
The final section discusses family and its importance in an individual’s growth and development. It deals with various facets of family life ranging from the duties of the householder, the purpose of marriage, the way one should treat their spouse, responsibilities as a provider and dependent, the upbringing of children, and the significance of personal space in a family.


Chanakya in daily life is a decent attempt at presenting the preachings of Chanakya in a lucid and concise manner. The simple language of the book makes it easier to connect and understand the complexities of life. It gives some amazing insights into personal and professional life. The author talks about simple things in a logical way, making it an interesting read.
The book tries to cover each and every aspect of life and presents it in a well-structured fashion. The sections are well chalked out and each chapter is explained with reference to Chanakya’s Arthashastra, justifying its relevance in the present times.

Reviewing Chanakya in daily life

However, including a plethora of topics prevent it from discussing the topics comprehensively. You can expect some great lines that will put your thinking cap on though.
Overall, the book has a holistic approach and provides a roadmap for the readers to tackle day-to-day problems they face on every front. It is a perfect pick for beginners or people looking for a quick read. For readers wanting to explore any element, in particular, the book fails to offer the needed depth. Anyhow, it is recommended to find answers to lead a blissful and contented life


My rating: 3.5/5


Key Highlights
The author has done commendable work by summarising the teachings in such simple words while keeping the book impactful. The book boasts of a number of lines that leave the reader intriguing. The beauty lies in these lines that are short and simple yet have the capacity to make the desired impact.
Some of these lines are enlisted below:
  1. I am not suggesting that everyone gets the opportunity to build a massive architectural structure. But you must try to make whatever is given to you more beautiful.
  2. How many books do you have at home?
  3. You are not a human being on a spiritual journey. You are a spiritual being on a human journey.
  4. The best make-up on your face is a smile.
  5. Silence is the most excellent music.
  6. The longest route to success is a shortcut.
  7. There is no greater force in this world than human will, coupled with faith.
  8. We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it.
  9. Reading builds the character of a man. Writing completes it.
  10. You are a reflection of the people you choose to surround yourself with.
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