Tag: Reader’s nest

Tag: Reader’s nest

Kill Me While I’m An Embryo, Daddy Dear!
04/03/2021 All Saba

Kill me while I’m an embryo, daddy dear!  Before the hunters shun me with their spear.  Don’t let my heart

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Adventures In The Chemistry Lab
19/12/2020 Humor | Sarcasm Saba

The chemistry lab is the abode of indescribable odors and accidents. It is a place where friendships are tested along

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The Simple, Fab, Indian Weddings
18/12/2020 Life | Philosophy, Humor | Sarcasm Saba

12 months with the coronavirus and more than 12 thousand challenges. If there’s one great thing done by corona other

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Life Inside The Lifeline
14/11/2020 Life | Philosophy, Humor | Sarcasm Saba

It was a regular day. I walked back home from college dressed in sweat. Some of my own. Some gifted

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Amidst Love And Hate
14/11/2020 Life | Philosophy, Horror | Fantasy | Science Fiction Saba

All my life, I hated people. But when they freed my soul from her body, I realized how much people

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The Soiled Clothes
13/09/2020 Mystery | Suspense | Thriller, Horror | Fantasy | Science Fiction Saba

“Mum, why do you wipe the floor so often?” “They get dirty, honey.” “And why do you rub the dishes

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The Power Of Love
13/09/2020 Life | Philosophy, Love | Romance Saba

We aren’t Hindus or Muslims. Nor Indians or Pakistanis. We’re just beating hearts that don’t look at the bindi on

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