The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love
13/09/2020 4 Comments Life | Philosophy, Love | Romance Saba
We aren’t Hindus or Muslims.
Nor Indians or Pakistanis.
We’re just beating hearts
that don’t look at the bindi on a woman’s forehead
nor at the scarf, she chooses to drape her head.
Nor the shade of skin a body is covered in,
nor the color one favors, nor the flag one is raising.


We’re humans who didn’t just read the Quran
but understood Jihad isn’t killing innocent souls.
We’re the ones identifying the evil within
and choosing to destroy it every day from its core.
We’re humans who didn’t just overhear and sing,
songs of praise in the name of our country and its heritage,
we’re the ones blessed with Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,
proudly believing in a beautiful concept, as children we read.


We’re better than the channels of cataclysm.
We’re better than the zombies walking around
infected by parasites of hatred and hue.
We’re better than the policies dragging
the essence of our democracy down.
We aren’t a wall of their house
to be imposed by the color of their choice.
We’re a rainbow,
flashing colors of different hues and shades.
We are born with minds not limited to the soil
but the ones soaring the skies,
the closest to His grace.
Not saffron or green.
We’re better, we’re red.
We’re better than every word of hatred they spread.


So, take as many lives as you want.
Stop as many beating hearts.
You’ll end up flowing just one color, of love,
a color that doesn’t represent any religion, any caste.
Cut heads, show us how long your swords can be sharp.
Throw grenades and rip our souls apart.
No stick could ever divide the waters.
No power could protect Holika, but it did salvage Prahlad.


Come alone or gang up and come with your troops.
Good is here to stay, Mahabharat is the proof.
Battle of Karbala, ever heard, ever read?
They won reverence despite losing their heads.
Go on. Sever the heads, you cannot sever our legacy.
Remember, Hitler isn’t the father of any nation but Gandhiji is.


Heart to heart, we connect the chain.
Invisible ties can’t be broken or can they?
We are better as beating hearts, let us be.
Unbound by hate, oblivious of territories.
Uncharged by instigation, uncharged by shove.
Empowered by just the power of love.
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    This one is soo beautifully penned ❤

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    Simran Sayed

    Love is all we need ❤

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    Whinny Jaiswal

    Words 🖤

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    Zaiba Shah

    Wow ❤️


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